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Taking A Natural Systemic Approach To Healing

Chiropractic is an overall way of looking at the human body. It's based on the idea that the body is self-sustaining and self-healing. The body is in essence completely controlled by the brain through its connection via the spinal cord and the vast networks of nerves that make up the body. When this system is not functioning at its peak, the overall performance of the human body is lacking.

In the chiropractic world, drugs and medicine are not utilized as a form of treating a patient. While supplementation and nutrition are almost always a part of the bigger picture, drugs and prescriptions can be viewed as band-aids to treat symptoms rather than going to the source and treating the real problem.

While it's often perceived that the chiropractor is solely here to treat back and neck pain, this is simply a small piece of what the profession really is capable of handling. Chiropractors not only treat soft and hard tissue problems such as sciatica and joint pain, but are largely called on to deal with more significant issues. Some of these issues include fibromyalgia, allergies, insomnia, headaches and many more.



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Family Medical Care

The term medical care means different things to each individual. For Watkins Total Healthcare it is a consultation, examination, procedure or diagostic testing provided by a nurse practitioner and/or other medical professionals overseen by a medical director for services related to the maintenance of health, prevention of illness and treatment of illness or injury.


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Medically Supervised Weight Loss

The Medically Supervised Weight-Loss program is now being offered at Watkins Total Healthcare. By teaming with medical professionals produces greater results. Our medical staff will work with you by professionally moderating and tracking your progress to help ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Obesity and overweight are among the most common problems that can contribute to human health problems. In the environment, our food, air and water supply are contaminated by chemical toxins, additives and stabilizers which can cause disruption to your brain’s hypothalamic function. This can lead to a negative cascade effects including changes in metabolism, hormone production and the body’s natural weight set point. As a result, accumulation of abnormal body fat storage and water retention may occur.

How would you like a diet that can bring fast results?

Exercising, diet foods and pills may help, only that they require a lot longer time before you can see the results. We can provide you with personalized coaching through HCG diet procedure. This popular diet procedure allows you to lose up to a pound a day, or even more while enjoying its safe and natural effects.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy body weight significantly contributes to your overall physical health and well-being. It can bring a lot of benefits in several ways. It lowers your risk for health problems such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and breathing problems. It also helps you feel good about yourself, and gives you more energy to enjoy life. When you feel good physically, you tend to feel good emotionally as well.

Problems with Overweight and Obesity

Our american society has become extremely overweight, characterized by environments that promote increased food intake, less nutritious foods, and physical inactivity. Overweight and obesity are the fifth leading risk for global deaths. At least 2.8 million adults die each year as a result of being overweight or obese.

There are many factors that can play a role in becoming overweight or obese. These include too much intake of calories, sedentary lifestyle or not getting enough physical activity, environment and culture, and genes. In the United States, overweight and obesity keep getting worse because of cultural reasons such as bigger portion sizes, little time to exercise or cook healthy diet and using cars to get places instead of walking.

If you want to get rid of excess weight and unwanted fats in less time, we can help. We provide personalized coaching through the diet. Everyone deserves to be healthy and happy including you. Call our office for more information on how you can achieve your ideal body weight faster and naturally.


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Massage Therapy

Benefits of chiropractic massage therapy:

The benefits of massage therapy are well noted. Throughout the years, massage therapy has been known to fight a large number of conditions. Some of the benefits of this therapy include, relief from joint and muscle pain, increased blood circulation as well as stress and depression reduction. Massage Therapy has also been known to detoxify the body and remove waste and toxins from the body. The overall result that is sought after in massage therapy is the ability to bring the body to its natural state with increased healing capabilities.

For preventative health:

Consistent manual massage at least once per month has a host of preventative benefits. To prevent the body and mind from disease, we must take a comprehensive approach that includes nutrition, massage therapy, exercise and overall chiropractic care. In keeping with this mentality and regimen, you will have a significantly higher chance of relieving stress and minimizing pain and injury. In addition, the ability for you to fend off disease will be increased as your body will be in top form!  

Recommended for:

Chiropractic Massage Therapy is recommended for a number of conditions and illnesses. Some of the conditions it is recommended for include: arthritis, tmj, immune system issues, muscle spasms, insomnia, fibromyalgia and many others. It remains an excellent way to help the body heal itself and rid itself of any potential toxins that build up in the system.


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